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Dear Reader,

We heartily welcome you to CLUB-1000’s Website.

CLUB-1000, a brand that is being managed by Cerebral Dynamic Investment Limited in collaboration with a network of partners, is simply a community of people who are ready to leverage on social network to learn and share ideas on how to create value which will generate both personal and communal wealth. It is a community for seekers of financial success .

Having known that you’re keen at achieving financial success, of course you wouldn’t have been on this website to even start reading, we hereby do assure you that you’ll achieve financial success as member of CLUB-1000. After all who doesn’t want to make money? Surely, no one.

Let’s quickly say that the assurance of achieving financial success as member of CLUB-1000 largely depends on just ONE factor; and that one factor is ACTION.

Yes, you must be ready take necessary ACTION, if not on all, but at least on concerned information and opportunities that you’ll be exposed to. You must be ready to take positive advantage of features that CLUB-1000 community offer such as building business relationship with other members out of your own volition via chat menu.

As a matter of fact, CLUB-1000 is an online financial empowerment community principally created for the following people:

  • Secondary Schools’ Leavers
  • Tertiary Institutions’ Students
  • Unemployed People (both graduate and non-graduate),
  • Under-employed People
  • Full House-wives and mothers
  • Family man and woman that want extra Income
  • Individual who desires alternative source of Income
  • Professionals who want to deploy internet technology to make their services accessible globally and get paid for

Now let’s go into the nitty-gritty of all you’ll benefit when you become a member of CLUB-1000


There are FIVE (5) packages that you will benefit as a member of CLUB-1000 which are analyzed as follows:

1. Information on How to Convert What You’re Passionate about Into A Lucrative Business the Easy Way.

Our members are imbued with premium information that will help them build a thriving business. Simply put, you shall have access to a premium e-book titled, The Three Basic Wisdom Step to Wealth Creation . This eBook is loaded with concise information sufficient enough to help you understand your passion and how to build a business out of it from the scratch, especially when there is insufficient or total lack of fund. To create wealth, all you need is an idea that you’re very passionate about.

  • The eBook: The 3 Basic Wisdom Step to Wealth Creation.

This eBook, written by Cerebrum Awomude, the Founder of Cerebral Dynamic Investment (CDI) Limited, contains invaluable information on how to determine type of business that will almost guarantee your success; how to start such business from scratch; and how to solve the issue of insufficient fund or even total lack of start-up capital.

What you’ll read in this book is the EXACT method used by Cerebrum Awomude to start CDI Limited which has successfully created four multi-million naira online brands. You will have access to this eBook immediately you complete your registration.

(Regular Cost for this eBook is N5,500 which you’ll access to FREELY download as member of Club 1000).

2. Information on How to Make Your Business Profitable amidst Stiff Competition.

You can only boast of having a business when you make consistent sales and maintain a stable cash flow. If you produce quality products, or say you can offer excellent service, so far people don’t know about it, the truth is you don’t have a business yet. This is why marketing is the most important aspect of business. Just as T. Harv Eker says, ‘business is 20% products or services and 80% marketing’.

  • The eBook: The Eagle’s Marketing  (by Cerebrum AWOMUDE)

This eBook, The Eagle’s Marketing, gives you specific method of marketing that will make your products or services known to a lots of people, despite competition, within a short period of time at a very affordable cost. It’s about How To Sell Your Product Or Service Blazing Fast And See A Surge Of New Customers!” This is NOT a report about creativity. Not at all. It hands you a proven blueprint for driving new customer sales. It works by, first, having prospects see your product or service as fresh, exciting, and irresistible. Leading them to respond, engage, and buy. And it works without any hype or obnoxious sales tactics. You will have access to this eBook as soon as you become a member.

(Regular Cost for this eBook is N7,500 which you’ll access to FREELY download as member of Club 1000).

3. Comprehensive Guide on Specific Online Businesses You Can Start to Create Wealth for Yourself.

It is no longer news that there are people who earn full-time income online. Yes, it is a fact that some ordinary people, we mean people ‘wey sabi’, earn 7-figure income or even more online. These are netpreneur. There are many ways you can earn either part-time or full-time income online but we are focusing on the following:

  • Blogging
  • Information Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing (focusing on both Expertnaire & Amazon Affiliate)
  • E-commerce: (focusing on both Mini Importation and Drop-shipping)
  • Coaching, (this should be area of focus for any Professional who wants to deploy internet technology to make their services accessible globally and get paid for.)

Many self-acclaimed gurus offer paid courses where despite paying several thousands of Naira to acquire their training courses which unfortunately, many a time, you don’t get the satisfactory value for what you pay for.

No need to worry anymore.

Our team are collaborating with country’s finest authorities on online businesses to bring to you series of video files and text contents detailing step-by-step action plan that ensure making a consistent six figure or even 7 figure monthly income via any of the following: BLOGGING, INFORMATION MARKETING, AFFILIATE MARKETING, MINI-IMPORTATION, DROP-SHIPPING, and COACHING Program.

Therefore as a member of CLUB-1000, there’s no need to unnecessarily waste your hard-earned money learning from the people you don’t even trust, the so-called ‘guroos’.
You’ll be guided to learn from the very best and highly successful netpreneur. People who know the exact process that work with each of the online business models because they have successfully walked the talk themselves; and are now readily passionate enough to share their invaluable knowledge with members so that you can repeat the same process and achieve same or even bigger result.

4. Community Support

CLUB-1000 is a community, and therefore members do have cool opportunity to interact, start friendship, encourage and support one another via CHAT option.

You never can tell where that great, so enduring relationship which may last for lifetime could start from. Simply put, inside CLUB-1000’s portal, you’ll be able to chat with other members though out of your own volition.

If you’re interested to connect with any member, you send a request and if the person is open to it by accepting your request, then the two of you can start a rewarding communication and networking via CLUB-1000 messaging portal.

5. Monthly Bonus Payment

We want members to be getting paid some bonus on monthly basis to support them while trying to build their personal business towards achieving financial freedom. To this end, while registration to become a member is meant to be free we have however decided that for anybody to become a member of CLUB-1000, such person must be ready to sign up with ANY amount he or she can AFFORD between N1,000(min.) and N5,000(max.). Yes, the amount is not fixed as you are given liberty to sign up with any amount within that range.

Rather than spending this sign-up fee as our profit, the money is being added to our pool-of-fund meant for portfolio investment in FOREX, SPORT BETTING, HYI, BOND & STOCK, etc. Members get paid from profit made on monthly basis as is available.

There are two things that however determine your share of the profits namely,

  • The value of your sign-up fee relative to the total value of sign-up fees of all members. This is calculated as follows;
    (Your Fee / Total Fee of All Members) x 50% Profits to be Shared
  • The number of people you’re able to REFER to join Club-1000 relative to the total REFERRALS of all members. This is calculated as follows;
    (Your Referral / Total Referrals of All Members) x 50% Profits to be Shared

NOTE: You’ll get paid as registered member and also for referral; and that is why the total amount to be shared on monthly basis shall be divided into two equal part before they are shared as explained above

How Do You Become A Member?

Membership is by online registration.
Even though the registration is not free you’re however given an unusual opportunity to join Club-1000 with an amount you can AFFORD between N1,000 and N5,000 only.

You must however know that this is not a confusing standard because it is whatever amount you can afford to join Club-1000 as your registration-cum-investment fee that will justify your share in the monthly sharing of profits as explained earlier.

Having read this far, you should therefore show your readiness and commitment to become a member by clicking register button below

If you however have some bothering questions to ask before you could make decision to join, then chat with us via our official WHATSAPP number, 08155999523, to get answers to all your questions.

Together to Success!

Signed: Cerebrum Awomude
(for Cerebral Dynamic Investment Ltd.)