A Campaign for Better You, for Greater Nigeria.


Dear Reader,

We heartily welcome you to CLUB-1000’s Website.

CLUB-1000, a membership-based platform jointly developed by Cerebral Dynamic Investment LLC and Citizen Employment and Social Foundation, is simply a community of people who are ready to leverage on social network that internet has made possible to learn and share ideas on how to create value leading to generation of both personal financial well-off and communal wealth. It is a community of people who seek for better self and greater Nigeria.

The meaning of the above is that, your membership on this platform will achieve two things.

First, you will have immediate invaluable resources and opportunities to create personal wealth for yourself. We call this Immediate Personal Benefits.

Second, your membership serves as your basic support for the birth of a project christened,  Naija Union Project, which promises to deliver the Nigeria masses from the shackle of poverty and hopelessness. This project is being championed by Citizen Employment & Social Foundation. We call this Future National Benefits

Now let’s go into the nitty-gritty of both the Immediate Personal Benefits and Future National Benefits.


There are FOUR (4) Packages accruable to all members as Immediate Personal Benefits which are analyzed as follows:

1. Information on Self Discovery and Awareness: How to Convert What You’re Passionate about Into a Lucrative Business the Easy Way.

You shall access to a plethora of novel information that will help you discover yourself and live a more self-aware life which is a basis for a happy and fulfilling life. You’ll be inspired to discover your innate passion and build a thriving business from it, probably from the scratch.

For instance, among the short reports you’ll have access to is an e-book titled,  The Three Basic Wisdom Step to Wealth Creation. This eBook is loaded with concise information sufficient enough to help you understand your passion and how to build a business out of it from the scratch, especially when there is insufficient or total lack of fund. To create wealth, all you need is an idea that you’re very passionate about.

Even if you’re not interested to own a business because the fact is that everyone cannot be an employer of labour, yet to be a worthwhile employee whose employer shall be afraid to loose because of the value you create, you’ll need to read this report and many others that are available for members to devour as it were.

A great employee who’s adequately remunerated and respected can only be that individual who works in the area of his or her innate passion; the area that matches your interest, gift, and talent.

This report contains invaluable information on how to determine type of business that will almost guarantee your success; how to start such business from scratch; and how to solve the issue of insufficient fund or even total lack of start-up capital. What you’ll read in this e-book is the EXACT method used by Cerebrum Awomude to establish Citizen Employment & Social Foundation and even create three successful online brands that you’ll find out in the book.

2. Comprehensive Guide on Specific Online Businesses You Can Start to Create Wealth for Yourself.

It is no longer news that there are people who earn full-time income online. Yes, it is a fact that some ordinary people, we mean people ‘wey sabi’, earn 7-figure income or even more online. These are netpreneur. Though there are many ways you can earn either part-time or full-time income online, but we are focusing on the following:

  • Blogging
  • Internet Marketing (Coaching, Information & Affiliate Marketing)
  • E-commerce: (focusing on Drop-shipping)
  • Website Building using WordPress Framework

Many self-acclaimed gurus offer paid courses which despite paying several thousands of naira to acquire their training courses yet unfortunately, many a time, you don’t get the satisfactory value for what you paid for. No need to worry again.

Our team is committed to buying premium contents from the finest authorities on online businesses to bring to you series of video and text contents detailing step-by-step action plan that ensure making a consistent 6 figure and above monthly income via any of the online businesses highlighted above.

While it is clever to spend money to acquire knowledge, however as a member of CLUB-1000, there’s no need to unnecessarily waste your hard-earned money learning from the people you don’t even trust, the so-called ‘guroos’. Resources that you have access to in your dashboard should be enough. There’s enough of this trial-and-error learning method.

Even if you must buy high-end products, you’ll be guided to learn from the very best and highly successful netpreneur; people who know the exact process that works with each of the online businesses models because they have successfully walked the talk themselves.

These real gurus shall share their invaluable knowledge with you via video courses so that you can repeat the same process and achieve same or even bigger result. You need to avoid information overload by just choosing one of the above highlighted online businesses and learn from one expert who is already achieving the same result you want to.

3. Community Support

CLUB-1000 is a community, and therefore members do have cool opportunity to interact, start friendship, encourage and support one another via CHAT option.

You never can tell where that great, so enduring relationship which may last for lifetime could start from. Simply put, inside CLUB-1000’s portal, you’ll be able to chat with other members though out of your own volition.

If you’re interested to connect with any member, you send a request and if the person is open to it by accepting your request, then the two of you can start a rewarding communication and networking via CLUB-1000 messaging portal.

4. Get Paid End-of-the-Year Bonus

Your one off membership fee qualifies you to get paid end-of-the-year bonus. The uniqueness of this platform is that you determine your membership fee as per what you can afford, and irrespective of the amount you pay as your membership fee, you’re a full member having access to all the features. Everyone is a full member.

You must be ready to sign up with ANY amount you can AFFORD between N1,000(min.) and N5,000(max.).

Yes, the amount is not fixed as you are given liberty to sign up with any amount within that range.

Apart from donating a large chunk of this fund to the cause of Citizen Employment & Social Foundation christened Naija Union Project to be discussed as you read further, some percentage of the membership fee is being committed to a pool-of-fund for investment in FOREX, BOOK-MAKING, CRYPTOCURRENCY, and other HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT. This essentially generates income from which members get paid end-of-the-year bonus. Members get paid this bonus on 26th Day of December. And if you ask us why are we doing this? Our honest response is, we just want to be magnanimous with our members.

Whatever amounts to be shared among members on this said date shall be divided into two equal halves to be apportioned as this:

  • The value of your sign-up fee relative to the total value of sign-up fees of all members. This is calculated as follows;
    (Your Fee ÷ Total Fee of All Members) x 1st half of Profits to be Shared.

  • The number of people you’re able to REFER to join Club-1000 relative to the total REFERRALS of all members. This is calculated as follows;
    (Your Referral ÷ Total Referrals of All Members) x 2nd half of Profits to be Shared

NOTE: You’ll get paid as registered member and also for referral; and that is why the total amount to be shared at yearly pay-day shall be divided into two equal parts before they are shared as explained above.


Although Club-1000 is an independent platform, yet the community is absolutely resolved to pledge their solidarity to the development of a greater vision for Nigeria christened Naija Union Project as being championed by Citizen Employment and Social Foundation. It is in fact very correct to say that this platform is partly established to support the cause of Citizen Employment & Social Foundation. In case you do not have the understanding of what Naija Union Project is all about, then let’s briefly explain it.

Citizen Employment & Social Foundation is building an App named Naija Union. It is such a powerful solution being developed to achieve their FOUR-point agenda meant to solve these four issues: Lack of Unity among Nigerians, Poverty, Unemployment, and Housing. This is the highlight of Naija Union Project:

  • A unique social network platform named Naija Union which shall be creatively used to bring together and unite at least one hundred million Nigerians into a pursuit of common cause of national development. This platform is planned to be launched in May 1st, 2021 by Citizen Employment & Social Foundation.

  • A template that shall get every member on this said social network platform,  Naija Union, paid at least a sum of N135,000 per annum on continuous basis until death, thereby solving the problem of abject poverty.

  • A campaign to rally support for the implementation of a template that can generate at least a thirty six million jobs nationwide in ten years starting from year 2021. This campaign shall be driven by this same social network platform,  Naija Union, and this shall ultimately solve the problem of unemployment.

  • A campaign to build nationwide smart towns and cities within a space of ten years that shall house at least seventy million Nigerians. This campaign shall be driven by this same social network platform, Naija Union. This shall be an holistic solution to the problem of lack of access to befitting shelter, amenities and infrastructure.

To be able to achieve this noble vision for Nigeria, it’s important that all Nigerians, including you, must be concerned and involved. All hands must be on deck. The team behind the vision of Naija Union Project is passionate and totally committed to the cause.

Your one-time membership fee is largely a fund being raised to support the implementation of Naija Union Project, while you get rewarded now as a member on this platform with the FOUR Personal Immediate Benefits aforementioned, and of course later on the social network platform to be launched in May 1st, 2021.

There’s no better way today to be a part of a unique campaign that will bring that needed change Nigerians yearn for than to support Naija Union Project now by becoming a member of this platform, Club-1000.

It should therefore be noted that ALL members of Club-1000 shall be given the first-hand opportunities to register on Naija Union App before it is opened for general public when it’s launched in May 1st, 2021.

How Do You Become A Member?

Simply by clicking REGISTER NOW button below. Once again, even though the registration is not free however, you’re given an unusual opportunity to join Club-1000 with an amount you can AFFORD between ₦1000 and ₦5000 only.

You must however know that this is not a confusing standard because it is whatever amount you can afford to join Club-1000 as your membership fee that will justify how much you get paid as your end-of-the-year bonus.

Having read this far, you should therefore show your readiness and commitment to become a member by clicking register button below

If you however have some bothering questions to ask before you make decision to join us, then chat with us via our official WHATSAPP number, 08155999523, to get answers to all your questions.

Together to Success!

Cerebral Dynamic Investment LLC.